Motor Insurance

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Car is the main means of transport and an important asset which unfortunately can be a danger to our lives and the lives of others. That is why car insurance against third party liability is compulsory by law. Also, apart from liability to third parties, motor insurance covers damage to the vehicle itself from a number of risks selected by the insured.

Kentriki Insurance Company Ltd offers modern and integrated motor insurance packages that meet perfectly the requirements and market needs and combine liability coverage and other risks with the provision of additional services for better service to customers.

In the motor vehicles branch, coverage is provided for private and commercial vehicles and  motor cycles as follows:


  1. Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance.
  2. Additional coverage against fire and theft.
  3. Comprehensive insurance.
  4. Extra coverage package.
  5. Driver's Personal Accident Insurance.
  6. Road Assistance and Accident Care.


  1. Driving other vehicle by the insured with coverage against third party liability - NOT comprehensive.
  2. Passenger liability.
  3. Driving out of the road.
  4. Personal accident € 8.500
  5. Windscreen up to € 500.- (all windows and all side mirrors).
  6. Trailer Vehicles (in case of emergency), meaning that you are able to tow another vehicle that was damaged or immobilized in the road (No caravans, trailers, storage boxes, etc.).
  7. Road Assistance and Accident Care.
  8. Any driver between 23-70 years of age with over two years of driving experience with regular driver's license.
  9. Loss of Use of up to 10 days, or rental car or other company vehicle.
  10. • Protection of discount (NCB) for not submitting a claim.
    • Claim of up to € 3.500 to cover the insured vehicle only, does not affect the NCB.
    • For claims above € 3.500 the NCB is normally applied.
  11. Coverage of natural perils
    • Flooding
    • Hurricane
    • Storm
    • Tempest
    • Cyclone
    • Tornado
    • Falling trees, falling rocks, etc.
    • Volcanic eruption
    • An earthquake or other disturbance of natural elements or other indirect effects of the above events

Kentriki Insurance Company Ltd Customer Service and its network of associates all over Cyprus are at your disposal to provide you with more details.