Marine Yacht

marine yachtmarine yacht

Sea, source of inspiration, source of life and creation. Your boat offers you moments of freedom in the deep blue sea, while Kentriki Insurance Company Ltd makes sure that you can enjoy these moments safely, without any unpleasant thoughts and concerns.

Coverage is provided for vessels whether they are in use (in the sea, port or marina) or they are immobilized (on decommissioned), including vessel refloating and launching for the following risks:

  1. Liability to third parties and occupants
  2. Vessel damages by:
    • Fire, lightning, explosion
    • Sinking
    • Grounding
    • Contact or collision
    • Earthquake, volcanic eruption
    • Malicious acts
    • Refloating or launching
  3. Expenses for:
    • Rescue
    • Inspection of bottom after stranding
    • Wreck removal
  4. Theft of vessel:
    • Theft of all or part of the vessel or its equipment
  5. Towing of vessel
  6. Personal belongings
  7. Mechanical damage
  8. Accidents during loading or unloading
  9. Coverage of accidental death on board

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