Householder Insurance

Householder Insurance Householder Insurance

One Contract - Multiple Coverage

This contract is designed to provide comprehensive protection for your home. Includes a variety of coverages to take into account every possible risk that may arise.


  1. Fire, lightning, thunder, underground fire.
  2. Explosion.
  3. Aircraft hazards and falling objects from airplanes or helicopters.
  4. Leakage, breakage, overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipe except wells or other biological stations (does not cover loss or damage caused by theft during the period the property remains unoccupied beyond thirty (30) calendar days).
  5. Building collision with any motor vehicle, horse, wagon, which certainly does not belong or is under the control or possession of the insured or a family member.
  6. Earthquake or volcanic eruption, including flood damage by storm as a result of an earthquake or volcanic eruption.
  7. Tempest, storm, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, flood.
  8. Regarding the content, in case of flood or storm, which is not a consequence of the cases covered by paragraphs 6 and 7 (above), but excluding property transferred or positioned at the time of the accident.


  1. * Breakage of a mirror located in the building (except mirrors or hand mirrors).
  2. * Loss or damage to servants' personal belongings to 15% of the contents total insured amount.
  3. * a) Reasonable additional costs of changing residence.
       b) Loss of rent which was paid to the insured (in the case where the building has become uninhabitable due to damage from
       one of the covered risks).

* But restricted to 10% of the total insured amount for the buildings and contents.

  1. The liability of the insured to third parties as a building owner or as tenant in respect of:
       a) Bodily injury by accident.
       b) Damage to property.
  2. Death of the insured while in the building caused by fire or theft or attempted theft (for an amount up to € 1000).


With an additional premium the policy can be extended.

  1. With respect to items of platinum, gold, silver, jewelry, furs and more than one third (1/3) of the insured amount as provided by the contract.
  2. In the case of Section 4, to exceed the thirty (30) calendar days limit covered by the policy by paying an additional premium.
  3. Also, upon payment of an additional premium an extension is given to cover the roof of the building, e.g. TV antennas, satellite antennas, solar towers, etc.

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