Business Insurance


The modern businessman invests capital, time, knowledge and effort to create a viable business, able to meet the future challenges.

But how sure is the modern businessman for the future of the company he or she so painstakingly created, when it is exposed daily to numerous risks?

Could he or she re-establish from the start that business with his or her own funds?

An unfortunate event can destroy the building erected with much effort and is a family's main source of income.

It is imperative for any business small or large to be insured against everyday risks which is exposed to.

Kentriki  Insurance Company Ltd, in response to the rhythms of our time, created the Business Combined Insurance Policy, a convenient and flexible insurance policy, a combination of different types of insurance plans, which combined together provide the right level of insurance to cover the modern businessman's needs. The result is the simplification of the management of the company's insurance plans, through one document, one renewal date and one combined premium that avoids bureaucracy.

Regardless of the size of the business, a  Business Combined Insurance Policy plan ensures its sustainability in the event of partial or total destruction, so that if the worst happens your business will not be eliminated.

We stand by your side to cover potential risks, so that we can help you confidently develop your business. Supported by strong and reputable reinsurers, we are able to meet the needs, taking into account the particularities of each business and provide an insurance plan to fully meet your expectations.

Our insurance agents and partners are eager to help you assess the specific insurance needs of your business and advise you on the best insurance package, tailored to your needs.

The Business Combined Insurance Policy offers nine (9) types of coverage to ensure that your business (building and contents) can withstand partial and total destruction due to accidental, unexpected and sudden events, and includes the following coverage:


  1. Fire Insurance and Special Risks
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Airplane crash and objects falling from it
    • Tempest, storm, flood
    • Busting of pipes
    • Impact
    • Riot and Civil rebellion
    • Earthquake
  2. Theft Insurance
    • Theft by burglary or robbery
    • Damage to premises and contents
  3. Third Party Liability Insurance
    • General Liability (by the operation of the company's premises)
    • Accidental injury to third parties
    • Accidental damage to third party property


  1. Consequential damages insurance
    • Relocation costs
    • Rental coverage
    • Management costs
    • Employee salaries
  2. Money insurance
  3. Loss of profit insurance
  4. Glass insurance
  5. Computer insurance
  6. Deterioration of stock insurance

Kentriki Insurance Company Ltd Customer Service and its network of associates all over Cyprus
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